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Reach your book writing goals.

You want to take your manuscript to a professional level and you’re looking for industry-informed advice. My name is Dedi Felman and I’ve worked with bestselling and award-winning authors on fiction and non-fiction titles in a range of genres. Clients I’ve worked with have secured top agents, found Big-5 publishers, published to critical acclaim, and hit the best-seller lists. I’ve helped first-time authors score “major” book deals and rescued projects on the brink of cancellation. Most important, I help individuals with tales to tell and something to say hone their narratives into clear, compelling stories that matter.

Beyond my extensive experience in the publishing industry, I’m also a writer and I understand that every writer has different strengths, aims, and needs. If you’re just starting out, I will help you develop and shape your story. If you have a draft, I’ll rigorously edit your manuscript and offer creative solutions. I’ll also collaborate with you to find a wide readership for your work, whether your goal is self-publishing or traditional publishing.

Whether you’re at idea stage, looking to revise a draft manuscript, or seeking to build your long-term writing career, I will partner with you to meet your book writing and publishing goals.


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