Book Proposals
You have a terrific book idea. But how do you persuade a publisher to invest in it? There’s a special art to writing crackling book proposals that sell. Drawing on my decades of experience in publishing, I will help you develop your non-fiction book proposal for the marketplace and/or polish edit a proposal you’ve already outlined. More.


Do you need a professional writer to help you translate your expertise into an influential, highly marketable book? Maybe you already have some written materials but you need help crafting them into a publishable draft. Or you’re on a tight schedule and need writing/editing assistance to meet the deadline. Every collaboration is different. Together we’ll figure out your needs and create a process that works for you and your book. All collaborations are on a project rate.


I already have a draft. How do I get it into shape for agents, publishers, and readers?

Manuscript Evaluations (Fiction)
A manuscript evaluation is a broad overview of your draft’s strengths and weaknesses. I know what publishers, editors, and readers are looking for and in a 8-12 page letter I offer advice, encouragement, and possible solutions to help you reach your intended readership. More.

Developmental Editing
Does your first draft or long-gestating project need substantial reworking? A developmental edit is a deep dive that provides detailed feedback on your manuscript. I will help you find a fresh approach, develop your narrative arc, and restructure your manuscript for a more marketable, appealing work. More.


As a writer myself, I know just how important it is to find ongoing support, whether it’s someone to keep you on track with a writing schedule, talk you through the inevitable conceptual or character blocks, or offer feedback at distinct stages. Coaching sessions can be weekly, monthly, or whatever schedule works with your professional and personal life. I’m committed to helping you achieve your writing goals. I typically charge by the hour for coaching.

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