You’ve got a story to tell and ideas to communicate. Maybe you want to further broaden your influence, translate your expertise for the general public, or make the transition from article to book length. I can help. I specialize in assisting thinkers and writers with innovative ideas and compelling stories craft them into books that matter. Together we will produce a noteworthy book that will attract a wide readership and acclaim. We can begin working together at any stage. I’ve guided authors from concept to final draft. If you already have some written materials, I can help you transform them into a publishable work. Or, if you’re on a tight schedule, I can provide writing/editing assistance to meet the deadline. I’ve also helped salvage books on the brink of cancellation. Every collaboration is different. Together we’ll figure out your needs and create a process that works for you and your book. All collaborations are on a project rate.


You’ve got the expertise and the idea. Or maybe you wrote an article that’s attracted a lot of attention. You might even have an outline. Or a draft you’ve already used to query agents. Whatever you’re starting with, to succeed, your proposal needs to stand out. There’s a special art to writing persuasive book proposals that sell. A clear pitch is only the first requirement. All the components of the proposal, from style to structure, must work together to answer some very basic questions. What makes your book unique? Who’s going to read it? Why are you the best person to write it? Drawing on my decades of experience in publishing and freelancing, I will help you develop your non-fiction book proposal for the marketplace and/or polish edit a proposal you’ve already outlined.


Does your first draft or long-gestating project need substantial reworking? Maybe you never quite found your hook or need to build out your through-line. If you’ve gotten lost in the trees, I provide perspective on the forest. A developmental edit is a deep dive that provides detailed feedback on your manuscript. I will help you find a fresh approach, develop your narrative arc, build a solid chapter structure, find your characters, and overhaul your manuscript for a more compelling, marketable work. Together we structure a process for you to execute on the suggested revisions. Typically in this option you book ten-hour blocks.


A manuscript evaluation is a broad overview of your draft’s strengths and weaknesses. I know what publishers, editors, and readers are looking for and in a 8-12 page letter I offer advice, encouragement, and possible solutions to help you reach your intended readership. Before I send the final letter, we get on the phone and discuss your plot and story structure, character development, pacing, POV, credibility, language, themes, and more. Manuscript evaluations are a flat fee that varies with the length of the manuscript.


As a writer myself, I know just how important it is to find ongoing support, whether it’s someone to keep you on track with a writing schedule, talk you through the inevitable conceptual or character blocks, or offer feedback at distinct stages. Coaching sessions can be weekly, monthly, or whatever schedule works with your professional and personal life. I’m committed to helping you achieve your writing goals. I typically charge by the hour for coaching.

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