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This ten week tutorial is designed to help you develop your manuscript the way professionals do: from the seed of an idea, to bullet-proof outline, to polished first chapters. You’ll learn tools of the craft, the secrets of a solid structure, and how to find a “hook” that will sell your book.

In this tutorial you’ll learn to:

  • Design a breakout premise/hook that answers the question why readers will want to read your book
  • Write a strong road map–and how to revise it
  • Use fiction techniques to enhance nonfiction
  • Create memorable characters
  • Strengthen relationship dynamics
  • Sustain narrative tension and suspense
  • Braid in subplots
  • Explore universal themes
  • Create a schedule for completion of your work

Included are ten hour-long skype sessions and written assignments. By the end of the tutorial you will have a strong outline, solid first chapters and a forward plan. Fiction and nonfiction writers at any stage of their projects are welcome. Many have found it a helpful way to jump start a new project or even a substantial revision.

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