1. What’s a book doctor?
A book doctor helps you write or rewrite your manuscript or book proposal with the goal of getting it published successfully. Book doctors also assist authors who want to self-publish. All writers benefit from a professional edit and/or development process, whatever their overall publishing strategies.

2. Why hire a book doctor?
Literary agents and in-house editors are busy individuals. Book doctors are independent, experienced editors who closely read and evaluate your materials and work with you to craft the perfect proposal or manuscript. A book doctor provides invaluable assistance in helping you reach achieve your publication goals.

3. What services do you provide?

  • manuscript evaluations
  • developmental and line editing
  • book proposal editing and development
  • coaching
  • 10-week individualized class for project development

4. Do I need a full manuscript to take advantage of your services?
Absolutely not. In fact I believe that the most effective book development begins at the concept stage. Most professional authors–fiction and nonfiction–spend significant time on the development of their concept and narrative structure prior to the drafting of actual pages. My 10-week individualized class is geared toward helping writers in the earliest stages of their book’s development.

5. What are your fees?
Packages are tailored to the individual project. Include where you are in your project and what your goals are in your query email. Please also attach a synopsis or outline if available. We’ll then discuss up front a vision for the project and a solution for your manuscript. Rates can be flat or hourly. Free skype sessions are included. Contact me at Dedi.Felman@gmail.com.

6. Can you help me find an agent or editor?
I help you craft the strongest possible book proposal or manuscript with the goal of its eventual successful publication. The process of working with an independent editor will also teach you a great deal about the craft of writing. I do not, however, offer placement services.

7. Didn’t I see that you also teach television writing?
I do. And I believe that screenwriters, fiction writers, and nonfiction writers learn a great deal from one another. Much more to come on this subject soon on the blog.

8. Contact:
Ready to take your book to the next level? Want to learn more? I’d love to hear from you.
Drop me a line at Dedi.Felman@gmail.com.